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Free PredictMag signals end

Posted In: Digital Currencies   Posted On: 2021/01/08 08:19 AM    Posted By: ituglobal

Free PredictMag signals end

Hello Traders:


As you can see, we sent around 20 free signals last month and none of the signals were lost. All the signals resulted in wins – 100% in profits.


Imagine how much you could have made by following our signals. At least you could have made 200% profits, following them.


One month is enough to test the validity of a signals service.


As from this week, you would be getting only 1 or 2 free signals per week, in this free PredictMag Telegram Group. However in our VIP Group, you get 5 - 8 premium signals per week. There is no question about it, the more signals you take, the more money you make.


At the cost of N3000 per month (which you can make on a single trade), join our VIP Group here:   


Mr. Fortune Teller pulls his weight

Did you follow Mr. Fortune Teller’s last quarter’s predictions for 2020? He made 3 predictions about the Venezuelan President, Israeli Prime Minister, and North Korean Leader. All the predictions have been proven correct. Based on his predictions, if you placed trades on, then congrats on your 100% profitable trades! Please stay tuned for his Quarter 1, 2021 predictions (another easy money).



PredictMag: Why we increased withdrawals fees


Hello Users:


Our former withdrawals fees were 2%. Nonetheless, we have increased the withdrawal fees to 5% because of these reasons:


The payment processor that collects deposits on our behalf charges sizable percentage fees on each deposit.


We pay stamp duty for each deposit we receive.


We pay SMS fees for each SMS alert we receive, whether sending or receiving money.


We pay VAT, COT, and maintenance fees regularly and on monthly basis, and these are deducted automatically.


We pay transfer fees anytime we sent money to users who withdraw their profits.


We also pay money to maintain the website, add new features, and pay staff...


And note that, unlike Forex brokers that deduct spreads on every trade and stock brokers that remove commissions from your trades (irrespective of whether you win or lose on that trade), we do not charge anything on the trades you make.


And we need to survive so that we can continue serving you. We need to stay working so as to continue serving you. The money you deposit for predictions doesn’t belong to us. It is your money. The profits you make don’t belong to us. They are your profits. But that 5% on every withdrawal will enable us to meet the astronomical costs of doing business in the country.


These times are hard indeed and most people don’t find it easy to make a living; therefore we beg your pardon for any inconvenience this may cause you.


Thank you for using our services.


May you make more and more profits this year.



Can you rejoin PredictMag Telegram Group?
The answer is NO. If you once joined PredictMag Telegram Group and you left on your own, without being removed by us. You’ll be unable to join us again. That means you are left outside permanently; you exercised your free will to join and exit any groups at random and that is all.

We implore you to make sure that you understand what we do before you join us. That Telegram channel is where we make important announcements, attend to existing and prospective users, give out prizes and rewards, and post free tips to help you make money with us.

You can join us here:


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