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Can you rejoin PredictMag Telegram Group?

Posted In: Predictions   Posted On: 2020/12/25 09:55 AM    Posted By: ituglobal

Can you rejoin PredictMag Telegram Group?

The answer is NO. If you once joined PredictMag Telegram Group and you left on your own, without being removed by us. You’ll be unable to join us again. That means you are left outside permanently; you exercised your free will to join and exit any groups at random and that is all.


We implore you to make sure that you understand what we do before you join us. That Telegram channel is where we make important announcements, attend to existing and prospective users, give out prizes and rewards, and post free tips to help you make money with us.


You can join us here:


Don’t forget our mid-week trades

In case you were not aware, our mid-week trades are on. We will always post commodities, Forex, and cryptos trades in the middle of the week so that our users can stay active most time of the week. Also, check trades in other categories as well, and make most of your money, to make more money. Check: 


Amended terms and conditions for PredictMag Promos

In case you were not also aware, there is a new change to our PredictMag promos terms. For you to become our prophet, you now need to win 20 trades in a row; plus you will repeat the same process to become our oracle, as well as collect the gifts associated with being prophets and oracles.



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