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Buy PAYEER @low rates and get extra free cash

Posted In: E-Currency Discussion   Posted On: 2017/09/11 19:18 PM    Posted By: ituglobal

BUY PAYEER now and win free extra cash, +N1000 recharge cards.  How?


Firstly, when you buy a minimum of 1000 USD of PAYEER from, you would get a free recharge card of N1,000 (any network of your choice).


Secondly, when you buy PAYEER from us, any amount (a minimum of 20 USD per transaction), you also qualify to fund and withdraw Neteller with us at parallel market rates, in September 2017 only.


When you buy PAYEER from within the duration of this promo, we would record your details (name and email address), so that any time you want to fund Neteller through us in this month, you get N385/$ OR anytime you want to withdraw Neteller through us in this month, you get N352/$. This is valid for this month of September only, and that is the extra cash you would get from us.


Note: Only verified customers can sell Neteller to us.


To order your PAYEER purchase, please go to: 




To fund and withdraw with Neteller, please visit:


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