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ANNOUNCEMENT: Our latest VIP is Bashorun Adewunmi Idris

Posted In: E-Currency Discussion   Posted On: 2017/08/22 05:17 AM    Posted By: ituglobal

“Remember me for this also, O my God, and show mercy to me according to your great love.” – Nehemiah 13:22




Whenever I come across an honest Nigerian, I cry.


It’s not easy to find an honest person in this country, in spite of our religiosity. Desperation and economic recession have affected sanity of many people.


If someone isn’t dependable in little things, how can they be entrusted with great things? You’d see people being dishonest in a matter pertaining to as little as N500. It’s a pity.


For example, sellers of corn (whether boiled or roasted) will assure you that the corn was harvested today, and it’s often a lie. They’re used to telling lies because they want to sell. Corn that was harvested today usually have a unique, pleasant taste.


In all my entire years on this planet, I just recently came across an elderly woman, in my neighborhood, who told me the corn she wanted to sell to me was harvested on the previous day, not that day. She told me the truth when I asked her if the corn was harvested that very day. The woman is a member of Deeper Life Bible Church. She told the truth at the risk of losing customers. That kind of honesty is very rare.


Tears of joy welled up my eyes.


Needless to say, I bought the corn.


Fact: No matter what foreigners think about us; no matter how bad the image of this country is, there are honest Nigerians.


OUR POLICY, honest is our policy. We don’t steal customers’ funds. When a customer send us cash, they’re confident their cash is safe and their order would be processed. When they send us e-currencies, they know we can’t run away with their sweat – we process their orders. When even refund customers whose orders can’t be processed.


The only way for us to survive is to be honest with our customers. Without that, this business would collapse.



Last week, we wanted to pay a customer who was withdrawing Neteller through us, but we made a mistake and sent the money to another customer. It was a substantial amount of money, but we weren’t aware that we made a mistake.


The customer is BASHORUN ADEWUNMI. He quickly called us and told us that he received some money while he didn’t do any transaction with us. We checked our records and realized our mistake. It was a surprise. BASHORUN ADEWUNMI refunded the money.


You see, in this rotten society, doing bad things is a matter of choice. Some people do many bad things and use economic problems as excuses; whereas some people refuse to do bad things in spite of their conditions. It’s a matter of choice.


In my teenage years, I did much manual labor to keep the body and soul together. The future was bleak, and I could have chosen to be a thief, for there were many things that could be stolen. However, I chose never to be a thief.


It takes a spirit of God/high moral principles, for you not to take what doesn’t belong, when you have a clean opportunity to do so. 


BASHORUN ADEWUNMI could’ve chosen not to refund the money. He refunded it. He deserves to be rewarded permanently. These are his rewards:





  1. The next time he sells either Neteller or Perfect Money to us, we’ll give him N370/$ (no matter the amount he sells to us).


  1. He’s automatically become our verified customer, and he doesn’t need to upload any documents or register again on His details have been put in our records.  


  1. He’s become our VIP, which means he’ll buy and sell Neteller at parallel market rates, at any time. The rates are displayed on our 2 websites. This is a permanent decision.


  1. His good deed is being announced to all our customers, and posted on our social media accounts, including online forums, on which we’re active.



Normally, we choose only 2 VIPs per annum, but BASHORUN ADEWUNMI deserves to be honored.


Conclusion: No matter what we do to compensate him, it’s only the Almighty God that can give him the greatest rewards, and therefore we pray Nehemiah’s prayers for him:


“Our dear Bashorun Adwunmi Idris, may the Almighty Creator remember you for this good deed, and your honesty, and continue to show you mercy and favor, to you and all you family members, according to His great love.”




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