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Lloyds Banking Group price analysis: LLOY may weaken further in the current consolidation

Lloyds Banking Group shares (LSE:LLOY) are currently moving sideways in a serious consolidation, and an expected breakout will favor bears when i

Volatility Indices increase on has added more synthetic indices to the existing ones, making a total of 10 different volatility indices.   They’re now:


It’s no longer news that has become You know that there’s a BO strategy we’re using on their platform and in the past, w

  Testing our BO Systems on Volatility Indices (RESULTS)

A few weeks ago, we mentioned that we were testing our BO trading system on Volatility Indices (VIs).   Primarily the strategy was develo

Why We Use Disclaimer in Our Funds Management Agreements

Great brokers like,, etc. give disclaimers. It’s not because they will steal you money or force you to lose.

    We’re Testing Our Binary Options Strategy on Volatility Indices

Some of you may have heard about synthetic markets called Volatility Indices like:   Volatility Index 100 Volatility Index 75 Volati becomes

Hello Traders: is rebranding to, hence they will be known as once the rebranding is complete. Also, y

4xCube Review: Installment Program for New Registrants

Founded in 2018, 4xCube is a Forex and CFD brokerage that provides a platform where investors and traders alike could get access to ridiculously low

The Trading Software Provider That Has Managed to Stay Profitable Amidst the Global Crisis

The world has been thrown into a state of pandemonium following the Covid-19 outbreak. Global stock exchanges are consistently recording dips after

Why most brokers don’t want to offer Binary Options (Confidential)

Hello Traders:   Our Binary Options (BO) needs no introduction again.   I started using it in 2016 on platform.