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What is one of the most reliable swing trading systems?

“There’s nothing we love more than helping traders make more money.”   Rule-based discretionary traders are among the best traders

Ethereum Price Prediction: Long-term (ETH) Value Forecast – June 8

ETH/USD Long-term Trend: Ranging·         Resistance Levels: $280, $300, $320·    &nbs

When a trader reaches 50 years of age…

SIGNIFICANT BIRTHDAYS HAVE a way of making you look backward... and forward.   I've just reached a milestone birthday. Five decades. I ca

Litecoin Price Prediction: Long-term (LTC) Value Forecast – June 1

LTC/USD Long-term Trend: Bullish·         Resistance Levels: $105, $110, $115·    &nbs

Bitcoin Trading In South Korea Reaches New Highs

Peer-to-peer (P2P) networking is based on the principle of all participants being equal and it is on the basis of their digital crypto exchange, tha

XRP Trading: Following A Bull Flag Formation, XRP Price May Break

Ripple (XRP) Price Analysis – May 25 In the past few days of trading, XRP/BTC market has remained to trade in a downward wave as the XRP/USD m

Binance Talks of Looming Margin Feature Could Have Positive Effect on Crypto Rally

Recently, Binance announced on its Twitter page with a post that showed 2.0 graphic. There were no words with the post, just an image that was accom

Forex Trading: BCOUSD (Brent Crude Oil) Price Broke Out at $70, Targeting $79 Level

BCOUSD Price Analysis – May 19The last weekly candle closed bullish; which implies that Brent crude Oil may further increase in price an

NEM Trading: XEM Boomed To $124 After Surging 50%, The Buyers Are In Play

NEM (XEM) Price Analysis – May 16 In the past five days of trading, NEM market has been maintaining an upward movement, gaining 150% after ris

Bitcoin Trading: BTC Surged to $7000, Heading To $7800 Level?

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Analysis – May 11 Bitcoin’s momentum has been fast trending higher since the April 2 price increase which confirmed a bu