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  PredictMag: We are sending more accurate signals, for you to make more money

Hello Traders:   This is Mr. Fortune Teller from PredictMag. I have come again.   The last time I made predictions, they were 10

Meet the New Prophets at PredictMag

Meet the new Prophets at   Prophet Alfred Akinwande: He became our prophet by predicting/making 10 trades in a row, wit

Amechi Nwanjoku, Mosindi Phillip and Adewuyi Abdullah become our new Neteller VIPs

Meet our new NETELLER VIPs Every calendar year, we choose 2 customers to become our VIPs. They’ve permanently special status with us and th

What was your trading results in 2020?

 Hi traders:   The year 2020 is now behind us. How much did you make throughout last year? How many withdrawals did you make from trades closing dates?

Question: Please, next time you add a time and not just date, because Monday just started and we're about to analyze as the market is now open only

Free PredictMag signals end

Free PredictMag signals end Hello Traders:   As you can see, we sent around 20 free signals last month and none of the signals wer Why we increased withdrawals fees Why we increased withdrawals fees   Hello Users:   Our former withdrawals fees were 2%. Nonetheless, we hav

   Can you rejoin PredictMag Telegram Group?

Can you rejoin PredictMag Telegram Group? The answer is NO. If you once joined PredictMag Telegram Group and you left on your own, without be

PredictMag Talent Hunt Promo is on!

Sell NETELLER at N465/$   Hello Traders:   From now on till January 5, 2021, you can purchase Neteller @N465/$.  

  PredictMag Talent Hunt Promo to start next week!

What you need to know about PredictMag weekly signals Please note that the signals we send in our Telegram channel are useful only on our web