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   MAKE MONEY: Mr Fortune Teller Makes Q2 Forecasts

Hello Traders:   This is Mr. Fortune Teller. It was quite a time.   Yes, we want you to make money from our prediction mar

A private teacher retires – and has nothing to show for it

In 1999, I started teaching at a private school, following my secondary school education. My salary then was N1000. It was something that was barely

PredictMag Diviners and Soothsayers

Hello Traders:We have a new page/tab on, which is about how much exactly are users making on our websites. We have concealed our user

  How to get Ethereum (ETH) from us

How to get Ethereum (ETH) from us You can get Ethereum directly by providing us with your valid ETH wallet address, and we will send Ethereum

  PredictMag: Withdraw your profits free of charge

Free recharge cards promos are now behind us.   We are now doing another promo for the month of May 2021. It is a promo that enables you t

Predictmag: The best way to fund your account

 Hi Traders:   When you fund or replenish your Predictmag wallets, you will see certain available options like Neteller, Perfect

   How to get Tether (USDT) from us

Understanding Tether (USDT) Tether allows you to store, send and receive 1-to-1 pegged digital currency across exchanges, platforms, and wallets.

We can fund your Instaforex MT4 accounts at faster rates is a very popular broker.   InstaForex has been giving its clients a continuous access to the Forex market since 2007. Thro

Wonder ladies of Predictmag

Wonder ladies of Predictmag   Predictmag gives everybody a level playing field and you can make money from your knowledge.  

Free recharge cards for all PredictMag Users

Free Easter Shopping Promo for PredictMag users is now behind us, and we have come with anther promo. We are giving free recharge cards to our users.