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 NETELLER: What is Tallinex?

About Tallinex


Tallinex focuses on risk mitigation, leading us to develop proprietary trading technologies. All Tallinex trades are transmitted swiftly and rel

 Buy PAYEER @low rates and get extra free cash

BUY PAYEER now and win free extra cash, +N1000 recharge cards.  How?


Firstly, when you buy a minimum of 1000 USD of PAYEER from, you would get a free recharge card o

Technical Reviews for Gold, Silver and Bitcoin (September 2017)


Dominant Bias: Bullish

Gold trended smoothly upwards last month, reaching a low of 1251.28 and a high of 1325.75. On September 1, price made some

InstantForex: Buy NETELLER @375/$ (Offer Expires August 28, 2017)

Hello Traders:


It’s time to reward our buyers.


The first person to buy Neteller after this message goes out will get N375/$, no matter th

 ANNOUNCEMENT: Our latest VIP is Bashorun Adewunmi Idris

“Remember me for this also, O my God, and show mercy to me according to your great love.” – Nehemiah 13:22




Weekly Trading Forecasts for Major Pairs (August 21 - 25, 2017)

Here’s the market outlook for the week:



Dominant bias: Bullish

This pair is bullish in the lon

 InstantForex: Free Forex Training


We train people how to trade Forex and Binary Options profitably. Our manager is a currency analyst at, an official analyst at Instafore

Sell PAYEER now and get free cash. How?

Hello Traders:


Sell PAYEER now and win free extra cash, +N1000 recharge cards.  How?


Firstly, when you sell a minimum of 1000 USD of PAYEE

 (CONFIDENTIAL) How I make easy money with – Part 3

Hello Traders:


This is the third and the final article in this series, in which I reveal how I make easy money with


My third secr

  Our Latest VIPs: Bowofade Adewuyi and Victor Uduje

“I wish I had had the business savvy to realize it was more important to build value than create profits. I sacrificed value over profits because I didn't know any better…<

Good news coming to our Access Bank customers (soon)

We’ll soon announce good news to our customers who use their Access Bank accounts to do business with us.


Why? We use our Access Bank corporate account to do this b

NETELLER: I registered on your website but I’m yet to be verified. Why?

I registered on your website but I’m yet to be verified. Why?


Answer: For you to transfer Neteller to us, you must register and ge

 ITU GLOBAL: What is the meaning of ITU?

Our business name is Itu Global.


Some people wonder: What is the meaning of ITU?


Some think the name “Itu: stands for Itu Baba Ita (area

Selling BITCOIN at a far higher rate

The Bitcoin rate has crashed in Nigeria – and that’s no longer news.


Some exchangers buy Bitcoin for as low as N250/$ (names withheld). But most buy it around

E-currencies: Why we set a minimum of 20 USD per transaction

The minimum amount we allow per transaction is 20 USD – whether for funding or withdrawal. If you transact with anything less than that, even with 19.99 USD, the transaction would be rejected

NETELLER: Our VIP members rewards


Every calendar year, we choose 2 customers to become our VIPs. They have permanently special status with us and they can fund/withdr

The most important thing in exchange business

Big exchangers cannot be approached

Several years ago, I had a problem withdrawing Webmoney. After some online searches, I came across one exchanger in Ajah. I went to th

What e-currencies can you convert to Epay? may soon be one of the most popular e-currencies platform in the future. It's easy to use and they’re here to ensure your funds security. Make payments to anyone at anytime and a becomes a certified partner of Free N1000 recharge cards for every customer

Hello Traders:


We’re happy to inform you that has become a certified partner of


For most peop

 NETELLER: Physical verification now available @our office

Hello Traders:


Welcome to – a website that processes Neteller funding and withdrawal for seriou

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