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 Sokeipiriye Briggs – a honest and exemplary Nigerian

Sokeipiriye Briggs is an online vendor, who also buys and sells cyrptos on websites like


Many people pretend to be what they’re not…. But you

Why many people won’t be able to start a business

Why do some brilliant young people take up 9 to 5 jobs, when they could be entrepreneurs?


I know thre’re 5 types of people who can never create thei

Why people are afraid of old age (exposed)

What's the hardest part about getting older?


At age 55, I find the hardest part about getting older is the mismatch between the internal and the external.


 Be Careful What You Share Online – GTBank

Your entire life could be online and it might be used against you. Criminals could try to harm you with the personal information you share online or on your social media handles.

5 Emails Every Marketer Should Send

If you would like to start building your email marketing strategy but aren't sure where to begin, these are some types of emails that we recommend you send, depending on where your contact is i

What skills have the highest hourly pay?

For example, if I didn’t want to work full-time anymore and instead work only one hour per day, which skills/professions would give me the highest income?



 The Unhappiest Jobs Of 2017

Having a job that brings you down can feel like you’re stuck in your own personal version of the classic film Groundhog Day—each day you wake up to a familiar yet daunting roster of tas

 How to Deal With Angry People (Confidential)

When someone yells at me, I get scared. I assume I did something wrong and they are right.


I tend to be a people pleaser. Which is not the best way to be.


Can I learn Python programming within 30 days?

My boss gave me 30 days (not working days) to learn Python to transfer to Data Science team. What is the best approach to learn as much as possible?


Background: I’m

What are the top ten things I should experience in life?

In the last 31 years, I've been lucky enough to have a lot of life experiences including:


1. Traveling to 75 cities


2. Writing articles for

 Which Life Lesson Did You Learn Too Late In Your Life?

When I flunked in my IPCC exams, there was no one to cure my pain with their understanding.


When I was struggling with my internship search, there was no helping hand to

What is your most powerful tip?

This is not going to be a popular answer but after months of meditation I realized the sad truth. Nobody is going to like this but it is true. It could change your life, if you only grasp the sheer

 What are the things that do not matter in life?

Sex. Whether you have sexual experience or not.


Whether you are married, single, virgin, gay or lesbian.


Rejection from opposite sex/same sex,

What is the most unfair punishment you have ever received?

My parents grounded me once for a volcano erupting a couple of hundred miles away.


It was the morning of May 18, 1980 and it was all quiet, everyone asleep, until the hou

 Why Science Cannot Explain Reality

Reality and Science


Most people, of course, believe that there is a reality. Do you want to know what that reality is? Scientific evidence says what it i

The Ten Most Important Aspects of Reinventing Your Life

I wanted to write the book that 20 years ago I wish I had read.
That ten years ago I wish I had read.
That five years ago I wish I had read.

That yesterday I wanted to read.

 What is the one sign you will be wealthy?

We all have different goals, but I think you will agree that most people want to gain material wealth. But few who do think deeply about how they will make it happen. So, do you know the one sign t

The greatest technological trends… (Confidential)

A new wave of technologies is about to change the world...


As investors, it's a window of opportunity we're unlikely see again in our lifetimes… the kind t


The World’s Best-Value CEOs



Are chief executive officers worth their pay? Apple CEO Tim Cook's $10 million in compensation isn't chump chan

Should I quit my job and pursue my passion?

I am 31 years old with 10 years work experience and a commerce major. I make $100k/yr as an IT business analyst. I am passionate about learning to code and becoming a developer. I have some savings

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